Greetings from BEAUTIFUL Cape Town! Epic Vacation started, for me, once I gave my notice at work on Wednesday afternoon and left that office for the last time, but OFFICIALLY, we left home Thursday afternoon, arrived in London Friday noon-ish, grabbed a few drinks and dinner at a pub with some London friends of Feller’s, hopped back on a plane and arrived in Cape Town Saturday morning. It was long. And after all that, plus a mid afternoon nap before the Welcome Home Braai (BBQ) Feller organized, I had NO IDEA what time it was. My internal clocked was Epically Fucked. And there are NO CLOCKS in this house. Or at least none outside the kitchen, so it’s really only been today (is it Monday?) that we’ve sort of got ourselves sorted. Though we did both wake up at 530 AM (!!!) after going to bed at midnight-ish. Though to be fair, I had a pretty horrible zombie nightmare that kept me up (he was a smart zombie! who I couldn’t kill! but knew exactly how to kill me! quickly!).

Anyways, we’ve had a really wonderful past few days. Haven’t done much besides relax and hang out with Feller’s family, though today we did go to the mall and did a cellar tour and wine tasting at Groot Constantia, which is right up the road from Parents’ house and is the oldest wine farm in the New World. It was SUPER interesting and also delicious. Tomorrow I think we will head into Cape Town proper and wander around the city some, and eventually, we’ll be doing awesome touristy things, like taking the cable car up Table Mountain and some diving and hiking and visiting penguins and petting cheetahs!