Apparently, South Africa is WINE COUNTRY. WHO KNEW?! One of the first stops Feller and I made was at Groot Constantia wine farm, which is just a few minutes from Parents’ place.


We went on an awesome cellar tour and learned a lot about the production of wine, which was super interesting, and actually handy information to have for all the many wine tastings we went on later. Like, did you know that red wine is only red because it’s fermented with the grape skins? So red wine could ACTUALLY be made out of green grapes with some red grape skins on top! How cool is that?


Pressing the red grapes

After the tour we had a tasting, which was quite pleasant, but I will admit that this was our least favorite of all the tastings we did.

Parents took us out one Sunday to Stellenbosch, which is the home of 150 wine farms, or something ridiculous like that. We stopped at three: Neethlingshof (which was our FAVE), Morgenhof (I still have a bottle of their cheap Pinotage Rose in the fridge!), and … one that starts with W that I can’t remember, and we didn’t like that much.

Wine Tasting

It was a fun day, and we tasted quite a lot of delicious wine. Feller bought a BUNCH at Neethlingshof and is storing most of it at Parents’. The taste guide at Neethlingshof was this great young guy who provided us with a ton of information about the wines and the area and stuff to do. He really knew his shit.

Wine Tasting II

Parents also took us up to Hillcrest Berry Orchard for delicious jam and the most amazing scones I’ve ever tasted. We brought home two jars of jam and worried every step of the way that they’d get smashed or confiscated, but thankfully, they made it safe and sound and will serve as my wine glasses once they’re both empty.

Berry Farm (2)

We also went tasting at Spier, after we pet some cheetahs. They have a GREAT Method Cap Classique (Champagne, but you can’t call it Champagne outside of Champagne, France; Cap Classique is South Africa’s version, made exactly as they do in Champagne), but I refrained from buying any (I may try to pick some up online). Our last day, we stopped at Steenberg in Constantia for a quick tasting before we headed to the airport. They had some REALLY delicious wines that we would have bought had we not been leaving in two hours and already at our wine limit, though we did pick up a couple bottles as a thank you for Parents’ hospitality. We’ll DEFINITELY be going back here.

We had so much fun doing wine tastings all over Cape Town, and it’s really given me a new appreciation for wines. We live so (“so”, relatively speaking) close to wine country up here, and I would really like to make the effort to get out and do tastings more often. It’d be such a great weekend trip if we needed to get away for a coupe of days, or even just a fun long day trip. Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s just isn’t the same, delicious though it may be.