We took a little side trip while in the UK to stay with one of Feller’s good friend in Cambridge, and he was a wonderful tour guide and host. The weather continued to cooperate with all our plans, thankfully, and we had such a great time.

We went PUNTING! And it was SO MUCH FUN! We drank a lot! Tried some Pimm’s (general consensus: too sweet)! Feller dropped the punting pole in the water! We crashed into other boats a lot! They crashed into us! I nearly wet my pants from laughing so hard! It was so much fun. I did not try to punt because I knew I’d be shit at it, but it was certainly fun to watch Feller punt us around! Surprisingly, his skills did not improve the more we drank.

Punting up the River

The day on the river was so relaxing and fun and warm and delicious, and thankfully, not sunny enough to roast our lily white skin. Unfortunately, I did get a little pink the next day when we walked to … somewhere nearby … (brb, Googling Cambridge) … Grantchester! It was a gorgeous walk, and we walked through a pasture with some large brown cows! Which made getting back into the US sort of … hilarious. Feller told me not to check the box on the Customs (?) form that said I’d recently been in a pasture/on a farm or had any contact with livestock. Thankfully, I’m charming and adorable (and also already a US citizen), and when the Guy asked me about, he just laughed and welcomed me home.

Hello, Sailor

We tried to get scones at The Orchard, but everyone else in England had the same idea, so it was CRAZY busy and then they ran out of scones. So we sat for awhile and rested up for the walk back home, after which I slept. A lot. It was glorious.

It was such a pleasant vacation-within-a-vacation, we were so sad to leave and ended up taking the last possible train back into London, though we were looking forward to being back in an actual bed in an actual bedROOM after spending two or three nights on the living room pull out bed.