The Doctor Who Experience: AMAZING. It was seriously so much fun and kind of cheesy but totally wonderful. It was one of the few things Feller and I had planned for the London portion of our trip. One of his friends is pretty into Doctor Who and suggested we go together, and then when telling people about our plans, another guy decided to join. He told his boss he was going to see The Doctor. Really. For reals.

The exhibit opened at 10 am, and we showed up early because we didn’t want to have to fight any crowds, and we wanted to be sure we were going to be in the first group in the TARDIS Adventure (half an hour traveling through space and time on a special adventure with the Doctor, facing down his most fearsome opponents!). AAAAAAND we were the only three people standing there at 930 waiting for the doors to open. I’m pretty sure we were there before people who WORKED there. At about 955, more people starting arriving. By which I mean a mom and her two small children.

Our fourth joined us inside the convention center, and we loitered EXCITEDLY for them to open the doors to our TARDIS Adventure! Nevermind that we were there only four adults there who weren’t accompanied by children under 10! There was special wi-fi content to access on our phones! There was Theme Music! And a blue swirly tunnel beyond the door! And … three small exhibits with some costumes and props? Then a video on a projector screen that had a Crack effect as a call back to Season 5?

And let me tell you, right about now, I was getting a LEETLE concerned that we spent all that money on something REALLY LAME. And just as I turned to Friend next to me and whispered “This is it?”, the Crack in the screen opened up to a room full of the Doctor’s junk, including the creepiest creepy coin operated carnival fortune teller thing EVAR, and ANOTHER screen lit up with the Doctor’s face telling us he was separated for his TARDIS, and we had to help bring it back to him! And then the TARDIS itself appeared and opened up to us! It REALLY IS bigger on the inside!

And we all stood around the control panels and pushed buttons and made lights light up, and the floor started shaking the way it always does when the Doctor is flying it. Then small children started crying! It was SO COOL!

We left the TARDIS and went somewhere where one of the Taste the Rainbow Daleks was shouting at us; I think he was looking for the Doctor? And we were really focused on His Shoutiness that we didn’t see the other two Daleks come in behind us, and SERIOUSLY, I jumped a little. I might have yelped.

And then we were walking through a smoky, creepy forest full of Weeping Angels, and it was LEGIT terrifying, though it could have been longer. Although…children were crying during our TARDIS flight; I don’t want to IMAGINE the shit that would have been lost had the Weeping Angels section been longer.

Inside the Tardis

After the TARDIS Adventure, during which they didn’t allow any pictures, WOE, we were loosed upon a hall full of memorabilia from the entire run of the show. A lot of it focused on the newest run, and the Eleventh Doctor in particular, but there was a lot of stuff from the classic episodes as well: TARDIS keys, sonic screwdrivers, costumes from all the Doctors, all sorts of villians, including examples of the evolution of Daleks and Cybermen. It was awesome. We got to take pictures with actual set pieces and work the arms of a Dalek. Once we had our fill of all that and spent a good amount of time perusing the gift shop, Feller, one Friend and I wandered down to Earl’s Court Station, outside of which is an actual blue police box. A TARDIS in the wild!


It was so much fun, and not at all even a tiny big lame like I thought maybe it was perhaps going to be at first. Hooray!

A Police Box in the Wild