Classes officially start next week, but I have a course that’s already started that I’ve been working on. Or at least I’ve been trying to. I need to figure out how to settle into the library and just START working on class stuff, otherwise Imma be here all night. So I should probably not be writing this right now. Oh well.

Anyways, despite not being quite as productive as I would like, I am feeling pretty good about this class. I’ve finished two modules out of nine, and I still have about five weeks to finish everything, though I would ideally be done by the time classes start next week, which means I need to complete one module per day from now until then. This is doable, though Imma aim for more modules per day; I try to maintain a fairly firm “no homework on the weekends” policy.

One of the first assignments for this class was to set up and post a blog, which, cool! I’ve already done that! But after debating it for about ten minutes, I decided to not use this blog for class. I don’t feel like I write anything TOO questionable, but the fact that I had to debate it told me that it was probably best to keep school and personal blogs separate, so you can find me blogging about school related stuff at The Library School Chronicles. This isn’t to say I won’t be talking about school here too, obviously, but that will be strict school only, with whatever blogging assignments I may be assigned.

Okay, I really truly need to stop procrastinating right now and get back to work. I’ve got some articles to read and a module or two to get through before I wanna leave for home.