Almost a month ago, Feller and I celebrated the second anniversary of our first date. We took the convertible to Santa Cruz for a lovely dinner out, some wine tasting and general exploring.

Anniversary Dinner with Feller

We had gone wine tasting in Santa Cruz the weekend before, and found Wine Tasting Wonderland. We did six tastings all without getting in our car, and while Feller doesn’t love California wines (and I must agree; South African wines are yummier), we had a great time and bought some delicious wines that are a little bit classier than the Two Buck Chuck we normally drink.

For our anniversary, we did a couple other tastings, trying to find wines we hadn’t tried before and picked up a couple more bottles. That’s how we roll.

Feller and I and the Blue Whale Skeleton

We also visited the Seymour Marine Discovery Center, which was just SO COOL. They have one of six complete blue whale skeletons in the world, a research lab that has dolphins you can watch play, some aquariums with awesome sea life, including a shy octopus and shark egg cases, and an awesome touch pool where we got to PET A SHARK. A REAL LIVE SHARK. It was sleeping and not very large, but still, I TOUCHED A DANG SHARK. It was weird! And cool! And I did ask if it would suddenly wake up and eat me (apparently not).

Feller & I

We tried really hard to find the Natural Bridges, but that didn’t work out, and that’s okay. Next time. Maybe we’ll get a map. But the weather was beautiful, perfect for having the top down, and I got to have a couple days away from regular life with my favorite person.