In college, my BFF and I had a rather unfortunate experience involving a microwavable self waxing kit and our bikini lines. People are just not made to inflict that kind of pain on themselves. And I attempted it twice!

Until recently, that was my only waxing experience, and I was pretty happy that way. Then I realized that I just do.not. have the energy to shave my legs on any sort of regular basis. I’m already married! Who cares what my legs look like! And THEN I realized that my leg hair is pretty sparse, so that even when I haven’t shaved for awhile, you really have to look to notice the hairiness. That’s what I tell myself, at least. But I had the genius idea that I should try waxing my legs because it surely won’t be as bad as waxing my bikini line, and eventually, the hair will just more and more fine and eventually, hopefully, stop growing all together.

And I convinced myself that doing it at home wouldn’t be so bad. Hey, at least it’s not my sensitive lady bits, right? I bought a kit from Sally’s, which thankfully, was on sale for $30. I got all my shit and excitedly went home to get down to business. About halfway through my first leg, Feller walked into the now wax covered bathroom and asked how much it would cost for a professional to do it. So that tells you how that experience went. My legs were smooth and bruised as shit, and when I tried to do it a second time, I couldn’t bring myself to actually rip the wax off my legs. Which basically defeats the purpose.

So it might surprise you to hear that I willingly allowed a stranger to rip all the hair out of my sensitive lady bits this week. And it wasn’t horrible! I mean, it wasn’t fun, but, as I always tell myself before potential painful experiences, I’ve sat through hours and hours and HOURS of painful tattoos, so THIS experience should be cake. It’s a pretty strange sensation to be completely hair free, and I sort of want to touch myself all the time. I definitely don’t think I’ll be going back to shaving anytime soon, and I’m looking forward to getting my legs waxed next time I go.