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One of my girlfriends and I have started meeting up to take care of our waxing needs, and it’s a great opportunity to hang out together. Last night was our second waxing date, and I had been looking forward to getting my legs professionally waxed since our last date four weeks ago.

Well, as I was trekking up to Oakland for my appointment, I had timed the trip so that I would arrive exactly on time. And theeeeeen the Bart was late. I was busily knitting when I noticed that the train was not moving. We were underground, so I couldn’t even tell how far we were. I HOPED that I had zoned out a lot a missed a few stops and was almost where I needed to be. But no. I was three stops away from where I needed to transfer trains. And still underground, so calling the waxing bar to let them know what was going on was … challenging.

I eventually get through to someone ten minutes after my appointment was supposed to start, and the receptionist was decidedly unhelpful, which may in part be due to the fact that I did that annoying thing phone customers do when asked to hold: I said no and plowed forward. She almost told me that we’d have to reschedule the whole thing, which is when I nearly lost ALL OF MY SHIT on Bart. But then she told me that I’d have to choose between my lady bits and my legs. How am I supposed to make that choice?! More people see my legs but I’d already had my lady bits done and didn’t want to have to start over. You can be damn sure I wasn’t going back up to Oakland before my next waxing date in four weeks.

I don’t know if you know this, but it takes me an HOUR AND A HALF to get there. NINETY MINUTES. I could have sat at home and watched Aladdin in that amount of time! That would have been WAAAAAY more fun.

When I FINALLY show up, swallowing tears, after walking two blocks in the wrong direction, the receptionist has taken away my choice and told me to prep my lady bits. Well, I’m glad that was the body part I was leaning toward anyways. Next thing I know, I’m on my back having hot wax spread on my most intimate body parts.

Apparently, you don’t get any wine when you’re running late for your appointment. I could have really used a glass of wine right around then and had been looking forward to it for the entire Aladdin lengthed trip.

Feller was wonderfully sweet about how sad and disappointed I was, especially since he had told me that I didn’t need to wax my legs. Which is adorable. And incorrect. But he suggested I go get my legs taken care of today in SJ, since I had the day off and had been so looking forward to it. So I found a lady with some free time and took care of that nasty business on my legs.

I was able to book an appointment last night at 1130 pm online with Waxing at Tiffany’s, which was awfully convenient. Her little one room salon is one of several individual aestheticians in the building complex, but interestingly, the only one who lists legs among her services. And she was SO FRIENDLY.

You know how most of the time you go to a salon or something similar where a person is working very closely on or around your body, and it’s kind of awkward because you feel like you should be talking to this person but, unless you’ve known them forever, you don’t really have anything to say because they are essentially a stranger? Tiffany wasn’t like that. She’s one of those people who is really good at getting other people to open up around her, asking a lot of questions and seeming to be genuinely interested in what you have to say. (My hairstylist Erica at The Studio by Angi is also one of those people, and she’s awesome at cutting my hair.)

So all that to say that finally, FINALLY my legs are smooth and hair free and wonderful, and I’m so happy I got them waxed today.


We’ve been home since Friday evening, recovering from our awesome, if a bit excessively long and not terribly RELAXING, trip, and I have SO MUCH to tell y’all about! I almost don’t know where to start. We had SUCH a lovely time, and surprisingly, despite a couple of spats here and there, Feller and I still like each other! And still want to spend time together! It’s amazing! Parents were amazing and hospitable and kept us really well fed, and I am so grateful to them for putting us up for so long.

I actually have postcards that I wrote in the London Heathrow airport that need to be mailed. Whoops. But at least they were written overseas? A for effort? It’s just a matter of getting to the post office, but I find I can’t be arsed to put on clothes much the past few days. Tomorrow, I have a couple other errands to run, so I’ll mail postcards then.

Anyways, Cape Town was beautiful, and my pictures can all be found here.


Easily the best part of our trip was our visit to Spier Cheetah Reserve. We went early and got to see the volunteers exercising the cheetahs, and since we were the only ones there, the volunteers took us around to look at the other animals at the reserve. They had an adorable pair of meerkats, bat eared foxes, some sort of jackal, a couple of servals, and the prettiest, friendliest caracal ever.

Curious Caracal

And THEN, we got to PAT A CHEETAH. His name was Pedro, one of the cheetahs we saw running earlier that morning, and he was SO HAPPY to be getting scritchens and was purring up a storm. SERIOUSLY, like the cutest thing ever, just about. It was such an incredible experience, and I’m so glad that we dragged ourselves out of bed early for it.

Patting the Cheetah

In other awesome, animal related adventures, we drove up to the Fairy Glen Game Reserve in Worcester. Since we had to be there ASS EARLY, and it was about an hour and a half from Parents’ place, we spent the night before in a little love and snack nest. And APPARENTLY, Worcester is one of those dinky little towns where everything closes at sundown because it took us FOREVER to find dinner. Finally, FINALLY, we came across a liquor store and were able to stock up on the necessities and get directions to dinner.

The entire time we were in Cape Town, the weather was BEAUTIFUL. Hot and sunny and amazing, so naturally, as we crossed the mountains to get to Worcester, the weather was cold and rainy and windy. Which was super because Feller only had shorts, and I only had my flippy floppies. It was AWESOME. Thankfully, the ranger who drove us around gave us XXXL raincoats, which saved the day. I would have been a Grumpy Gus if not for that giant yellow coat and hood. We saw all the animals we were hoping to see, and most of them had little babies running around, including a brand new baby springbok (sidenote: springbok are DELICIOUS), which was so cool and ADORABLE.


I am so very thankful for my job. I love the company I work for. I know I have been amazingly blessed with opportunities. But sometimes, the tediousness, the same thing every day really gets to me, and I start to wish fervently for a vacation or variety or SOMETHING. I wish I didn’t have any responsibilities and could just get in my car and DRIVE AWAY. I wish I could leave work and school and this life I’m living behind and runaway.

This is brought to you by the redonkulous stack of shit I have to do at work and being behind on my homework.

Hey, have you guys tried this workout DVD? You totally should, if you’re into yoga/pilates. I did it last night because the gym’s yoga teacher didn’t show up. It was AWESOME. Not super hard, but pretty strenuous. A great workout without feeling like I kind of want to die. Hey! Look at me working out three days in a row! Whoo! I’m probably not going to do anything tonight because I’ve got a late assignment I have to do, but I might just to procrastinate a little bit more. We’ll see.

Or maybe I’ll bake some cupcakes.

The working out every day for a week thing didn’t go so well, but, realistically, I knew that going in. I almost didn’t go to the gym tonight because today was super annoying and work has been (and is going to continue being) super stressful. Then I realized that what I needed more than anything else was to get to the gym. Get some endorphins pumping. It was a good call. I walked/ran for about ten minutes, then headed into yoga. The little hispanic lady was teaching, and it was super laid back tonight, not very strenuous, which I don’t think I could have handled. It was amazing. I feel AMAZING. Ready to tackle the homework I have tonight. Ready for work tomorrow. Ready to catch up.

On a COMPLETELY different note, I went to Sacramento today. It sucked, but coming home I discovered that about 45 minutes away is SIX FLAGS DISCOVERY KINGDOM. AND that a season pass is only like $5 more than buying a ticket at the gate. GUESS WHO’S GETTING A SEASON PASS. Oh yes, it shall be mine! I am SO excited about this. AND apparently, there’s ANOTHER amusement park EVEN CLOSER! This will be awesome!

I also spent a good portion of today talking to our mechanic about cool places to visit & hang out around here, so I’ve got a few ideas in mind for excursions and road trips. Yay.

“This too shall pass.” I say that a lot, or actually I say “Make it through this crappy thing, and the next thing will be less crappy.” Which is great for when you’ve got crappy stuff to get through, but certainly leaves a lot to be desired as a motto. I certainly don’t want to go through my life just getting through the crappy stuff, only to realize that there’s never a magical time when it all just WORKS, when everything is GOOD, and I’ve spent all of my time just getting through.

Where is the balance between getting through it and enjoying it? I’m not sure, but I want to make more of an effort to enjoy life, even the crappy parts, even the parts I can’t wait to get through.

I’ve got some things to think about, but I don’t know what to think.