This list is going to evolve and grow, and I hope to enjoy every minute of it.

  • Try something new once a month (a restaurant, a food, a recipe, a place, an event, ANYTHING NEW)
  • Take myself on a road trip
  • Treat myself to a nice dinner
  • Take myself to a movie Saw Black Swan and True Grit while the Feller was out of town 01/2011
  • Pay off my:
    —credit cards
    —undergrad loans
    —grad school loans

  • Learn how to ride a motorcycle
  • Send one piece of real mail once a week Started 02/2010, and fell off the wagon
  • Buy a house
  • Have a baby
  • Plan the wedding that makes ME happy
  • Be shamelessly narcissistic: take self portrait every day for a year
  • Get on a Roller Derby team
  • Travel to Greece
  • Travel out of the country once a year for five years (Mexico doesn’t count)
  • Get my Master’s degree
  • Take a spur of the moment vacation, just get on a plane and go
  • Leave a waitress a redonkulously large tip
  • Pay the toll for the car behind me
  • Go to the zoo
  • Buy a new car
  • Plant a garden
  • Exercise once a week (hopefully more!)
  • Run a 5k
  • Learn how to belly dance
  • Put up a Christmas tree
  • Take my mom on a nice vacation
  • Work because I WANT to, at a job I enjoy
  • Lead an impromptu sing along
  • Dance in the rain like a crazy person
  • Surprise a friend with cupcakes
  • Bake my own bread
  • Buy a really expensive pair of jeans
  • Buy a really expensive pair of shoes
  • Go to Disneyland
  • Read all the books I own
  • Weed out my book collection: get rid of the ones I’ve never read & the ones I won’t read again Done, mostly, when I moved in with the Feller 11/2010
  • Make a quilt out of my college t-shirts
  • Have my bikini line professionally waxed
  • Get my nipple pierced (…maybe)
  • Become proficient at spinning, both with a drop spindle & a wheel
  • Become SCUBA certified OO! Done 09/2010!