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It seems that every time I post a linkspam, I IMMEDIATELY start finding MORE COOL STUFF OMG. I love the internet sometimes.

Speaking of Christina Hendricks, here’s an oped piece about how awesome her character on Mad Men is and why I (or people in general, I suppose) want to do her. (This is totally an old post, but I only recently saw it) Sidenote: Toy With Me is a great site that has fun and interesting articles written by smart, witty women about sex.

You know, I’ve never had any great desire to live in a big city, and certainly not New York, but I suppose, if you twisted my arm enough, I could SOMEHOW find the will to live in this Townhouse in the Sky. (LOOK AT THE LIBRARY. SO MANY BOOKS.)

Dear Tim Gunn, thank you for being so awesome. Tim Gunn critiques superhero costumes.

I <3 RDJ Robert Downey Jr on Leno (the Letterman clip right after RDJ is HILARIOUS too)

NO EFFING WAY. Cross Canadian Ragweed in SF August 5 with Micky & the Motorcars!! This is awesome. I get CCR twice in one year PLUS Micky and the Motorcars. Someday, I’ll tell you about the time I almost slept with the lead guitarist.

Most importantly, my bestest best friend ever got married this past weekend, and lo it was awesome. We had so much fun, and everyone liked the feller. He’s was confident and social and talked to everyone there and could not have been sexier if he tried. As one of my friends put it, he wasn’t clingy and didn’t need me to “hold his hand” and that’s hot. There were a couple of VERY minor bumps, but overall? The weekend COULD NOT have gone better.


(Some of these links might be old news; I’ve kind of been hoarding them.)

Cool octopus picture. I’ve really been digging on octopus iconography recently (I know a girl who has an AWESOME octopus tattoo, and I’m a little jealous), and Gail Carriger on twitter posts links to a bunch of octopus stuff.

O HAI THAR, Christina Hendricks. FRAWR. I may need to buy this issue of Esquire. She is so flipping sexy, and I really like her “Letter to Men”.

“I care about this Alot” tshirt. EFF YES. I want this Alot.

I love these cards.

Are you following Seasame Street on Twitter? It’s delightful.

Speaking of awesome puppets of my youth, look at these great Muppet cupcakes! OM NOM NOM. (Actually, that entire Tumblr is wonderful. It’s like porn for people with a sweet tooth.)

Some WTF Marvel Superhero stickers.

Don’t be That Guy. (Potential) Intern From Hell

Perhaps sometime I’ll find the time to make a real post. I’ve got stuff to say. It’s just…I’ve had more important things going on. Like napping. And snuggling. And waking my neighbors.

ETA: I KNEW I had another couple of links: Ironman 1 & 2 back to back! I’ve just about grown out of the midnight showings of movies, but I just MIGHT do this.

Jonah Hex poster! I am SO EXCITED about this movie; comic books and cowboys! Where is the bad? I’ll tell you. Megan Fox. SIGH. I would rather have ANY OTHER GIRL than her, even Kirsten Dunst (who annoys the snot out of me).

At home libraries encourage literacy. This means my kids’ll be SET; my home library is a little insane.

I love this post about the Crazy Place girls go to over stupid shit. I also really like the entire Stratejoy. I haven’t had much chance to explore, but I can get behind place that’s all about being uplifting and encouraging and getting me the heck through life.

Hey look! Cleolinda wrote Clash of the Titans in 15 Minutes! And it’s HILARIOUS! I will call him Badass…THE DESTROYER

Look! Malinda Lo, author of Ash is going to be doing a signing in San Francisco Saturday! This time FOR REALS, I’m going and getting my copy of Ash signed.

I am a dumbass, let me show you. I’m flying home next weekend. My flight leaves in SEVEN DAYS. I am verily excited. One of my friends asked me yesterday what my itinerary is, when I’m getting in, when I’m leaving, the usual. I’m all “Oh sometime Thursday night, let me look!” And I looked and I looked and I LOOKED EVERYWHERE BUT NO PLANE TICKET WAS TO BE FOUND. FOR MY TRIP IN SEVEN DAYS. THAT MY WORK WAS SUPPOSED TO PAY FOR. Thankfully, the ticket I booked, after applying some leftover credit, ended up being the same as my ticket for the wedding the week after that I booked three months ago, so my manager was cool paying for it. Thank God I checked yesterday instead of waiting until the night before or the morning of to print my boarding pass. THIS IS HOW I KNOW GOD LOVES ME.

My music library is in SEVERE need of more Dolly Parton.

The feller made me dinner the other day (have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE people who feed me? LOVE THEM. My bff & her fiance fed me about once a week for awhile, and it’s possible that the only reason I still speak to my dad is because he was the maker of food growing up (that’s not the ONLY reason, gosh). At any rate, the surest way to build up my good will for you is to provide me with food; I’m easy like that and not ashamed to admit it), and I feel inspired. Not quite enough to actually, you know, COOK regularly, but my (VERY DEEPLY BURIED) culinary interest was piqued. The meal, while a little time consuming, was EASY and delicious, and I feel confident that I could recreate some approximation of it. Maybe Sunday night, I’ll do some cooking.

And APPARENTLY, you can make cinnamon rolls out of Amish Friendship Bread dough. Did you know that? I DIDN’T but it sounds DELICIOUS, and Imma try it this weekend.

ETA: Oh yeah, here’s a funny blog post about grammar/spelling mistakes: I care about this alot

From the same blog, here’s a post about procrastination! *headdesk*

And look at the SEXY SEXY shoes I’m gonna buy for the wedding. I want to make love to them.

ETA 2: OMG I WANT THAT. And HEY! 15% off everything at Sephora. MWHAHAHAHA

In lieu of anything of substance to say, I bring you cool stuffs I have found on the internet:

From Sephora’s blog: How bad do I want cute Japanese makeup? SO BAD. One of everything, please!

You know what else I want? Some new stripper shoes. Some of these shoes are just WEIRD, but mostly? I LOVE THEM, OMG. And I do need a pair of shoes for the Wedding. *waggly eyebrows of suggestion* (via @fuggirls)

Describe your dream library and win stuff! Mine involves floor to ceiling shelves on every wall, except for the giant window, big comfy chairs, plenty of good lighting and coffee. And maybe yarn. Library/knitting room. (via @neilhimself)

Look! Carrie Ryan is giving away books! Whoo free stuff!

Bugs covered in water! (via @amandapalmer; ignore her kind of douchey quip about Lady Gaga)

This is mostly how I’m feeling about life right now: BLEH. Remember how I want more than waiting for this to pass? I’m there; waiting for it all to pass. I worry about failing out of school, except I’m not doing the work to make sure I don’t. I have dreams for my life that I want NOW but I spend so much time fucking around, I don’t know if they’ll happen THEN. I’m kind of just frustrated.

ETA: This is how I felt when my grandmother friended me on FB. (Love you, G’ma!!) (via cleolinda)

The fabulous @foresthouse, whose Twitter and blog are both always fun and full of good information, has directed me toward lo, a great many interesting, funny, and/or cool things the past couple of days.

First, I bring The 20 Nerd Commandments. Some of these I can’t relate to because I’m not into video games/rpg’s or manga/anime, but the vast majority are SPOT ON. I must, however, shamefully confess to having broken Commandment 14: I am reasonably certain my first crush was on an actual LIVE HUMAN BEING. Blasphemy, I KNOW, but I got a really early start on that liking boys thing, and I like to think I have made up for it by the vast number of fictional crushes I have since harbored (there was a time I was IN LOVE with Tarzan (not the Disney version, but I guess he’s okay too). I am not even kidding, ask my best friend from high school).

Next, is this achingly cool twitter feed: @thaumatrope. From their bio:

Thaumatrope is a twitter fiction magazine for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fiction under 140 characters – edited by @nelilly (Nathan E. Lilly)

And it is BADASS. I love what they create with 140 characters. What’s that quote “brevity is the soul of wit”? They are creating complete stories and worlds in their short phrases, and I can only dream of being that creative.

Here Lawrence Lessig talks about the problems with Google’s book settlement. I will admit that I don’t really know what’s going on with Google and a book settlement, but this I do know: I like the cut of Lessig’s jibe, and I would like to subscribe to his newsletter. I agree with him that our copyright laws are ridiculous and terribly outdated, ESPECIALLY when it comes to digital content. Another great documentary about copyright, particularly in how it relates to music is Rip! A Remix Manifesto. I would HIGHLY encourage everyone to watch it; it’s fascinating.

Next is something NOT from @foresthouse; this comes from my very good friend Mariam: Volunteer to distribute free endangered species condoms, hilarity ensued:

Mariam: i mean, i get it, but… still. condoms with endangered animals on them?
me: But I wouldn’t say no to free condoms
Mariam: i mean, i’d want the condom with the polar bear, but a rock frog? no thanks!
Mariam: and a spotted owl? what am i telling my partner with these kinds of condoms? polar bear: you are ferocious! frog: i don’t have great expectations for you
Mariam: spotted owl: you annoy me with your sounds
me: I LOVE that you are worried about the statement you’re gonna make with the animal condoms
me: Rather than worried about your partner wondering why the fuck you have them in the first place
Mariam: it’s a very real concern!
Mariam: i want a condom with a bengal tiger on it.
so i can make “rawr” noises when i rip it open!
me: I…M…A…
Mariam: man. i REALLY want animal condoms now
me: Somehow, I feel a line was just crossed by bringing Up into it

We went on to come up with other funny animals to put on condoms (Giant panda! Humpback whale! Jackrabbit! For the teenagers! COUGAR CONDOMS FOR THE COUGARS! Hummingbirds! Howler monkey! Blue footed boobie! Woodpecker! Anaconda!). Good times. Apparently, we’re 12.

@elwhite found Unhappy Hipsters, which I adore. Even though I totally love some of the houses pictured.

Everyone should also check out Sleep Talkin’ Man, mild mannered British fellow by day; foul mouthed, rude British fellow by night. Also, listen to the audio. HILARIOUS.