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Hey, did you see “Bad Romance” this week? It was TOTALLY WICKED. Santana (in the black lace catsuit) is SO HOT and AMAZING, and I might be in love.

Bad Romance

(This is a behind the music-y video because Youtube failed me, but you can see part of the video for it, which is half the fun of the performance!)

I can’t promise that I’m not still going to be completely (seriously, this is the only thing I listened to this week) rocking out to Glee next week, but barring some COMPLETELY AMAZING performance, I probably won’t dedicate a whole post to it.


This week on Music I’m Really Digging: Glee! If you haven’t been watching, you are MISSING IT OUT. The music and the story recently have been freaking fantastic (though not necessarily at the same time). Like, for example, Vogue or Physical:

Or what about Dream On:

And don’t forget Safety Dance:

This show is fun and peppy and wonderful. The music is delightful and the actors hot. Every week, I can’t wait for the opportunity to watch it. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Have you guys seen The Boob Emancipation Project? Umm…not really safe for work. The site’s run by three women who want promote womanly beauty in all it’s shapes. They post pictures of boobs (and asses on Wednesday!) of all shapes and sizes. I have TOTALLY submitted a couple of pictures for posting, naturally. And if they don’t get posted there, I’ll probably post them here because … well, why not? Is it weird that I’m not willing to talk about work specifics but I’m TOTALLY okay with having mostly naked pictures of me on the internet? I think it probably has something to do with the fact that my boobs are AMAZING, and everyone deserves to see boobs as awesome as mine. And most of Tucson already has.

And pussies, well, this part is TOTALLY about one of my cats. Sorry to disappoint.

My little butthead likes to park himself in front of the TV while I’m watching something. I can only assume that it’s warm? But he also STARES at the screen that half an inch from his face. I think I’m gonna work on teaching him “you’re a better door than you are a window” as the command to get the hell off my entertainment center.

He also has a weird fascination with watching me in the bathtub. All of my cats are curious about bathtimes, wondering, I suppose, about why someone would submerge themselves in so much water, but Bandito’s curiosity is different. He regularly sits on the toilet and watches me in the tub the entire time I’m in there. It’s enough to make a modest person blush. Not me, of course. One would think that he’d avoid the filled bathtub after he fell in that one time. It was totally hilarious but sad, poor guy.