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Remember this? I bought it. I LOVE it. It has fifty different eyeshadows in it, and DAMN. Do you know what I can do with FIFTY eyeshadows? A LOT. I can do A LOT. Unfortunately, I haven’t really had a chance to play with it as much as I would like (before, I like those ten extra minutes of sleep more than I like makeup), but the other night, I had the time and an excuse to get dolled up. It took me a couple minutes to decide where I wanted to go with my eyeshadow for the night because there are SO MANY OPTIONS. I’ll admit, I get a little overwhelmed thinking about all the looks I can create.

Reckless Kelly eyes, originally uploaded by Being a Dilettante.

Eventually, I settled on the Shopping in Milan colorway, starting out with R2 all over my lids, R1 in my crease and R3 as the highlighter, and let me tell you, pink isn’t usually my choice for eyeshadow, but I LOVE those pinks. Then I put L1 in the corners of my eye and swept a wide line by my upper lashes, and I used L5, which seems like such a random color with the pinks and purples, but it’s great for making a really nice contrast, to line my upper lid. On my lower lid, I lined it with one of the dark dark greens from another colorway, but I didn’t really like how it turned out, so I went back over the line with Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner in Graffiti (I think that’s the color I have; it could be Covet, I suppose). And memo to me: contacts OUT when doing makeup. I am sick of getting shit in my eyes which then fucks up my contacts for the rest of the night.

Reckless Kelly eyes, originally uploaded by Being a Dilettante.

Also, I have recently purchased Too Faced’s Mood Swing lip gloss in Berry Pink. At first I bought the Petal Pink, but that shit was PINK. Like 80’s pink. Like BAD ON MY FACE. The Berry Pink, however, is quite nice. I don’t know how well it corresponds to my “moods”, but I have definitely noticed it get darker as I wear it, also it kind of stains my lips so there’s still a tint to them even when the gloss has worn off or when I put a different gloss on over top (because at $18.50 a pop, you can bet I’m hoarding that shit like GOLD).

Anyways, Sephora rocks my fucking socks right off!

(Do I need to mention that I received no monies for good words? Because I totally didn’t.)


At home libraries encourage literacy. This means my kids’ll be SET; my home library is a little insane.

I love this post about the Crazy Place girls go to over stupid shit. I also really like the entire Stratejoy. I haven’t had much chance to explore, but I can get behind place that’s all about being uplifting and encouraging and getting me the heck through life.

Hey look! Cleolinda wrote Clash of the Titans in 15 Minutes! And it’s HILARIOUS! I will call him Badass…THE DESTROYER

Look! Malinda Lo, author of Ash is going to be doing a signing in San Francisco Saturday! This time FOR REALS, I’m going and getting my copy of Ash signed.

I am a dumbass, let me show you. I’m flying home next weekend. My flight leaves in SEVEN DAYS. I am verily excited. One of my friends asked me yesterday what my itinerary is, when I’m getting in, when I’m leaving, the usual. I’m all “Oh sometime Thursday night, let me look!” And I looked and I looked and I LOOKED EVERYWHERE BUT NO PLANE TICKET WAS TO BE FOUND. FOR MY TRIP IN SEVEN DAYS. THAT MY WORK WAS SUPPOSED TO PAY FOR. Thankfully, the ticket I booked, after applying some leftover credit, ended up being the same as my ticket for the wedding the week after that I booked three months ago, so my manager was cool paying for it. Thank God I checked yesterday instead of waiting until the night before or the morning of to print my boarding pass. THIS IS HOW I KNOW GOD LOVES ME.

My music library is in SEVERE need of more Dolly Parton.

The feller made me dinner the other day (have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE people who feed me? LOVE THEM. My bff & her fiance fed me about once a week for awhile, and it’s possible that the only reason I still speak to my dad is because he was the maker of food growing up (that’s not the ONLY reason, gosh). At any rate, the surest way to build up my good will for you is to provide me with food; I’m easy like that and not ashamed to admit it), and I feel inspired. Not quite enough to actually, you know, COOK regularly, but my (VERY DEEPLY BURIED) culinary interest was piqued. The meal, while a little time consuming, was EASY and delicious, and I feel confident that I could recreate some approximation of it. Maybe Sunday night, I’ll do some cooking.

And APPARENTLY, you can make cinnamon rolls out of Amish Friendship Bread dough. Did you know that? I DIDN’T but it sounds DELICIOUS, and Imma try it this weekend.

ETA: Oh yeah, here’s a funny blog post about grammar/spelling mistakes: I care about this alot

From the same blog, here’s a post about procrastination! *headdesk*

And look at the SEXY SEXY shoes I’m gonna buy for the wedding. I want to make love to them.

ETA 2: OMG I WANT THAT. And HEY! 15% off everything at Sephora. MWHAHAHAHA

Brought to you by Irrational Irritation to remind myself that not EVERYTHING is fucking annoying:

  • It’s Friday
  • I picked up my bridesmaid dress. The color is lovely and looks great against my skin and with my newly dark hair. I need to get it taken in because I’m a tiny bit smaller than when I bought it mid-February
  • The ridiculously hot shoes I’m going to buy for the wedding: black close toed platform stilettos. I just need to find the perfect pair.
  • It’s Friday
  • Bourbon
  • Sherlock Holmes (and possibly Terminator)
  • One of our crew members calling me Amy [His Last Name]. I love our guys.
  • Quiet day in the office (that could be due to my phone not working)
  • Going home in two weeks
  • My car passed emissions
  • Getting a bunch of overdue errands finished yesterday
  • Spinach & Goat Cheese frozen pizza from Target
  • My new camera should be waiting for me when I get home! (Unfortunately, I was a dumbass & didn’t order a memory card. GRR)
  • Knowing there’s a new tattoo in my soonish future; once I get a solid one, I don’t sit on tattoo ideas very long
  • 30% off Urban (Imma get me this (in Binge/Bourbon), this (in Stereophonic), and this (in Flipside). I also kind of want eyeshadow; my momma says the colors are awesome & intense.
  • I am a complete eye makeup WHORE. I LOVE IT. The feller I’m seeing commented that it must suck being a girl & having to do makeup, but the truth is I enjoy it. I have fun figuring out the colors I’m going to use and how I’m going to put them together, and I have so much makeup, I need to justify owning it. And I haven’t been wearing it as much as I used to (there’s just no point in getting dolled up for a bunch of married construction workers), so it makes those days when I do make the effort even more enjoyable.

    Last week, the Sephora blog posted about the 80’s bold eye, which is a look I can get behind, because if there’s anything I love more than eye makeup, it’s bold colors, and especially bold colors in my eye makeup. Now, normally, I like fashioning my look with contrasting colors: gold & blue, green & purple, purple & teal, teal & brown/bronze, but tonight, I thought I’d try out the 80’s look with purples.

    Eyes Closeup, originally uploaded by Being a Dilettante.

    I know you can’t tell in the picture, but I used three different shades of purple on my eyes tonight (I guess that’s the point of blending, huh?). I used an old Lancome purple on my lids with the Victoria’s Secret Exclusive purple (it has more red in it than the Lancome) in my crease & the Victoria’s Secret Exclusive lavender as a highlighter. I LOOOOOVE the way it turned out, and I will definitely be trying it again (and again and again and AGAIN). I’m always happy to add a new skill to my repertoire; this will look great with greens, and I wanna see it with metallics.

    In lieu of anything of substance to say, I bring you cool stuffs I have found on the internet:

    From Sephora’s blog: How bad do I want cute Japanese makeup? SO BAD. One of everything, please!

    You know what else I want? Some new stripper shoes. Some of these shoes are just WEIRD, but mostly? I LOVE THEM, OMG. And I do need a pair of shoes for the Wedding. *waggly eyebrows of suggestion* (via @fuggirls)

    Describe your dream library and win stuff! Mine involves floor to ceiling shelves on every wall, except for the giant window, big comfy chairs, plenty of good lighting and coffee. And maybe yarn. Library/knitting room. (via @neilhimself)

    Look! Carrie Ryan is giving away books! Whoo free stuff!

    Bugs covered in water! (via @amandapalmer; ignore her kind of douchey quip about Lady Gaga)

    This is mostly how I’m feeling about life right now: BLEH. Remember how I want more than waiting for this to pass? I’m there; waiting for it all to pass. I worry about failing out of school, except I’m not doing the work to make sure I don’t. I have dreams for my life that I want NOW but I spend so much time fucking around, I don’t know if they’ll happen THEN. I’m kind of just frustrated.

    ETA: This is how I felt when my grandmother friended me on FB. (Love you, G’ma!!) (via cleolinda)