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I first discovered the Refreshments and Roger Clyne when I was cocktail waitress, and we had Fizzy Fuzzy Big and Buzzy on the jukebox. It was one of the few albums that didn’t annoy the crap out of one of our cranky (but hilarious) regulars, so I started picking random songs to play off it when I’d make my song selections. Somewhere along the way “Don’t Wanna Know” became my favorite pick.

One day it was playing, and my manager made the comment that he didn’t fully understand the song until he was 25, and it was another couple of years before I knew what he meant. I’ve gone through periods of really identifying with this song and periods of complete satisfaction with where my life was headed, and right now? I could listen to this song all day and know that it’s talking about me.

I wonder where I’ll be in a year
Probably be sittin right here
But if you know the answer
Don’t tell me anyone
I don’t wanna know


I love my life, or at least the parts don’t involve work or school, which unfortunately, take up most of my time and all of my worries/stress. I have a friend who said that she’s simultaneously bored by her 20’s and worried that she’s missing out on doing awesome stuff, which is pretty much EXACTLY how I feel. I wish I could spend this time when I’m single and childless doing the kinds of things that I’m not going to be able to do when kids and a husband are in the picture. I want to travel. I want to go to Greece SO BAD it hurts.

And lately I’ve been thinking about school a lot. How worthwhile is something that makes me so miserable? And as I worry about failing out, part of me would be TOTALLY RELIEVED to not deal with it anymore, at least not for awhile. But then the practical part of me kicks the other part of me in the butt, and we remind ourselves that one more year of school ISN’T that bad, my last semester will be an easy one, I’m almost done with my prereqs so fun classes are coming, it will get me out of the current job (because I can’t survive in the manner to which I have become accustomed waiting tables), and, oh yeah, I already owe BUTT LOADS of money in school loans. It would be ridiculous NOT to just finish it up. Not to bust my butt and do better. SIGH.

And I hate that I have to choose between school and everything else. When I get home from work, it ALWAYS comes down to “Okay, well, I can do homework right now or I can do anything else.” Running, hanging out with friends, going to church, cleaning, SLEEPING, anything. It ALL conflicts with school. I DO. NOT. know how people who have full times jobs and KIDS do this.

I just feel so STUCK at a time in my life when I really shouldn’t.

At home libraries encourage literacy. This means my kids’ll be SET; my home library is a little insane.

I love this post about the Crazy Place girls go to over stupid shit. I also really like the entire Stratejoy. I haven’t had much chance to explore, but I can get behind place that’s all about being uplifting and encouraging and getting me the heck through life.

Hey look! Cleolinda wrote Clash of the Titans in 15 Minutes! And it’s HILARIOUS! I will call him Badass…THE DESTROYER

Look! Malinda Lo, author of Ash is going to be doing a signing in San Francisco Saturday! This time FOR REALS, I’m going and getting my copy of Ash signed.

I am a dumbass, let me show you. I’m flying home next weekend. My flight leaves in SEVEN DAYS. I am verily excited. One of my friends asked me yesterday what my itinerary is, when I’m getting in, when I’m leaving, the usual. I’m all “Oh sometime Thursday night, let me look!” And I looked and I looked and I LOOKED EVERYWHERE BUT NO PLANE TICKET WAS TO BE FOUND. FOR MY TRIP IN SEVEN DAYS. THAT MY WORK WAS SUPPOSED TO PAY FOR. Thankfully, the ticket I booked, after applying some leftover credit, ended up being the same as my ticket for the wedding the week after that I booked three months ago, so my manager was cool paying for it. Thank God I checked yesterday instead of waiting until the night before or the morning of to print my boarding pass. THIS IS HOW I KNOW GOD LOVES ME.

My music library is in SEVERE need of more Dolly Parton.

The feller made me dinner the other day (have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE people who feed me? LOVE THEM. My bff & her fiance fed me about once a week for awhile, and it’s possible that the only reason I still speak to my dad is because he was the maker of food growing up (that’s not the ONLY reason, gosh). At any rate, the surest way to build up my good will for you is to provide me with food; I’m easy like that and not ashamed to admit it), and I feel inspired. Not quite enough to actually, you know, COOK regularly, but my (VERY DEEPLY BURIED) culinary interest was piqued. The meal, while a little time consuming, was EASY and delicious, and I feel confident that I could recreate some approximation of it. Maybe Sunday night, I’ll do some cooking.

And APPARENTLY, you can make cinnamon rolls out of Amish Friendship Bread dough. Did you know that? I DIDN’T but it sounds DELICIOUS, and Imma try it this weekend.

ETA: Oh yeah, here’s a funny blog post about grammar/spelling mistakes: I care about this alot

From the same blog, here’s a post about procrastination! *headdesk*

And look at the SEXY SEXY shoes I’m gonna buy for the wedding. I want to make love to them.

ETA 2: OMG I WANT THAT. And HEY! 15% off everything at Sephora. MWHAHAHAHA