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This song cracks me the fuck up. And I actually like a mustache on a certain kind of man (I think my feller would look funny with one, but Tom Selleck’s gets me all hot and bothered, and my daddy just looks STRANGE without his).


I didn’t like this song until I saw it live and actually LISTENED to it. It’s beautiful and kind of melancholy, and I effing love Micky’s voice.

Come the light of day
I watch you take your things and go
And I can’t hardly sleep through the night anymore

Fun story: the lead guitarist (the lanky ginger to Micky’s right) totally wanted me. And had my mother not been with me, I probably TOTES would have been ALL OVER THAT. Fuck yeah.

Within the genre of “Breakup Music” some of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is the “Angry Girl I-Hate-This-Fucking-Guy” variety. And Lucinda Williams is PISSED OFF. I love it. I love hearing raw emotion, passion in songs, something to connect to. I’m about ready to go to West Memphis to look for my joy too! Girl, you go get it.

This song is on the Crazy Heart soundtrack, which is pretty much the best movie I’ve seen in a long time, and the soundtrack is AWESOME if you like some Classic(ish) Country. And I do.

This song is how I managed to get laid so often in college. Not so much because I had a beer gut (or gut of any variety, really), but because I ROCKED the SHIT out of it.

It’s all about confidence, baby. People know when you’re insecure and unsure of yourself, and no one you want to date finds that attractive. I have a ritual for getting ready for a Night Out that involves loud ass music – sometimes country, sometimes dance, just whatever’s speaking to my soul at that moment, but it is almost always upbeat and great for getting myself into the Mood – dancing around in my panties as I put makeup on. And with every step of makeup application a little more armor, more confidence, goes on, until, at the very end, when I’ve stepped into my ridiculous heels for the evening and put my big flashy earrings on, I KNOW that I’m Hot Shit. I KNOW that men will fall all over themselves to be around me. I KNOW that I’m making out with some Hottie McHothot before the night is over. Even if I felt like death before, even if I’m completely nervous and scared of stepping out someplace new, by the time my ritual is complete, I am ROCKING IT. And even if I’m still unsure of myself? If I’m chatting up someone way hotter than I ever expected to? Fake it til you make it, baby. Slap a smile on your face and put some wiggle in your walk and fucking PRETEND like you know you’re better than everyone else.

That’s how I snagged multiple men who prefer their women thinner than I ever WANT to be. One guy? I was the only girl he’d ever been with who had big tits, and I was the one to end things with him. He couldn’t get enough.

And look, this isn’t to say that if you’re a shy, stay at home, nerdy girl you need to go out and tart yourself up, but, biatch, you gotta OWN who you are. Be CONFIDENT in your nerdiness! WORK your shyness, or whatever the fuck you are! KNOW that you FUCKING ROCK, and any douchebag who doesn’t recognize that doesn’t deserve your time or attention.

Hey, did you see “Bad Romance” this week? It was TOTALLY WICKED. Santana (in the black lace catsuit) is SO HOT and AMAZING, and I might be in love.

Bad Romance

(This is a behind the music-y video because Youtube failed me, but you can see part of the video for it, which is half the fun of the performance!)

I can’t promise that I’m not still going to be completely (seriously, this is the only thing I listened to this week) rocking out to Glee next week, but barring some COMPLETELY AMAZING performance, I probably won’t dedicate a whole post to it.