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Somehow, I have found myself posting a lot about books, which I hadn’t expected when I started this blog. But I do love to read, and right now, it’s pretty much the only thing I do besides watching hours of Doctor Who and Torchwood in my sweatpants. Though I haven’t been doing much reading recently; I’ve started two books that are not really drawing me in, at least not the way Doctor Who does.

Anyway, two of the authors of my Top 5 Books of 2009 are going to be doing readings/signings/speakings in the Bay Area in the next couple of weeks. Yay! I’m actually totally stoked about this because the authors are Carrie Ryan and Malinda Lo, who wrote my ABSOLUTE two favorite books that I read in 2009. I’m SO EXCITED. AND!!! Carrie Ryan’s sequel to The Forest of Hands and Teeth comes out next Tuesday! So I can have a matching set of signed books by her! Which is totally cool, because I LOVED Forest of Hands and Teeth, and because the only other signed book I own is a crappy fantasy by Michael Stackpole, and I didn’t even get to meet him (nor did I read the book, but I guess I will someday because reading all the books I own is on my To-Do List).

AND! The books signings/readings/whatever can count as my new thing for March! Because I’ve never gone to an author thing before! Because authors don’t come to Tucson…I can’t imagine why. I definitely want to keep my eyeballs peeled for more things like this because if I have to live here, I’m going to enjoy all the shit we don’t get in Tucson, dammit!

I would also like to check out live music type stuff, but that’s so hit or miss. I don’t want to pay to go somewhere just to end up hating the music they have. I used to think I was very tolerant of all kinds of music, but then I started working at Starbucks and quickly discovered that there are LOTS of kinds of music I don’t like (holiday music! Kenny G! Sarah McLaughlin! Whatever other annoying shit SBux was playing that week!).

Gah, March is annoyingly busy for me. Thursday night, I’m flying into Ontario (California) for a work manager’s meeting, next weekend I have a couple of good friends staying with me, which should be lots of touristy exploring fun, the weekend after that I’m in Pittsburgh for school stuff (SIGH), and that doesn’t even factor in the school stuff I have going on. I would like a vacation, plzkthx.

But you know what? I won $80 playing poker Saturday night (I have mad skillz), so I’m gonna do a little retail therapy today. I need a new pair of boots for work/every day wear, and I might splurge and get some REALLY NICE ones (I’m desperate for these). I also need to pick up a new bra or two. Mine are getting old and worn, and it was pointed out to me this weekend that I probably need to go up a cup size. Which puts me at TRIPLE FUCKING D. Which is why I have such an issue finding bras. 34DDD, not a common size.

This pointed out to me today (I mean, I’ve heard about it before, but today was the first time it became Relevant to My Interests). If you scroll down, you’ll see a ranking of states by dick size. If you look, THERE at #5 is Arizona (a ranking I can happily corroborate) (and Phoenix comes in at #5 on the cities list too). Where is California? NUMBER TWELVE. I’VE BEEN DOWNGRADED. I am doomed to smaller dicks. Gone are the lovely, wonderful penises of yore. I shall add “please find me a big dick” to my list of what I pray for right before bed (along with Silverlight for my phone). SIGH.


The working out every day for a week thing didn’t go so well, but, realistically, I knew that going in. I almost didn’t go to the gym tonight because today was super annoying and work has been (and is going to continue being) super stressful. Then I realized that what I needed more than anything else was to get to the gym. Get some endorphins pumping. It was a good call. I walked/ran for about ten minutes, then headed into yoga. The little hispanic lady was teaching, and it was super laid back tonight, not very strenuous, which I don’t think I could have handled. It was amazing. I feel AMAZING. Ready to tackle the homework I have tonight. Ready for work tomorrow. Ready to catch up.

On a COMPLETELY different note, I went to Sacramento today. It sucked, but coming home I discovered that about 45 minutes away is SIX FLAGS DISCOVERY KINGDOM. AND that a season pass is only like $5 more than buying a ticket at the gate. GUESS WHO’S GETTING A SEASON PASS. Oh yes, it shall be mine! I am SO excited about this. AND apparently, there’s ANOTHER amusement park EVEN CLOSER! This will be awesome!

I also spent a good portion of today talking to our mechanic about cool places to visit & hang out around here, so I’ve got a few ideas in mind for excursions and road trips. Yay.

Yesterday, The Queen of Fucking Everything posted about not eating sugar for a week, which is an awesome goal! One in which I would like to participate, except, HAHA YEAH RIGHT, I have Easter candy and ice cream sitting at home, and y’all are crazy if you think I’m gonna let that shit sit around for a week. Ain’t happening. Anyways, as a compromise, I have decided that I’m going to exercise every day for the next week, starting last night. Though, I almost didn’t make it last night because of the aforementioned Easter candy and ice cream, but I went and ran for a few minutes before a late yoga class. I wasn’t sure about the yoga class because it started out slow, but ended up being totally awesome.

I just found this hilarious blogger, and she has a really great list of stuff she wants to do before she dies. An idea I might totally steal. Some of them are obviously more long term (have sex in all 50 states…I have 49 to go), but some of them are easy things to do RIGHT NOW (write one handwritten letter or card once a week for a year, and I have all that dang stationary!), and I think this could be a good way to force myself to GET OUT and DO STUFF and also to maybe spend more time ENJOYING this life I’ve got. This weekend, I’m gonna sit myself down and come up with a list of things *I* want to do and accomplish in my life.

The fabulous @foresthouse, whose Twitter and blog are both always fun and full of good information, has directed me toward lo, a great many interesting, funny, and/or cool things the past couple of days.

First, I bring The 20 Nerd Commandments. Some of these I can’t relate to because I’m not into video games/rpg’s or manga/anime, but the vast majority are SPOT ON. I must, however, shamefully confess to having broken Commandment 14: I am reasonably certain my first crush was on an actual LIVE HUMAN BEING. Blasphemy, I KNOW, but I got a really early start on that liking boys thing, and I like to think I have made up for it by the vast number of fictional crushes I have since harbored (there was a time I was IN LOVE with Tarzan (not the Disney version, but I guess he’s okay too). I am not even kidding, ask my best friend from high school).

Next, is this achingly cool twitter feed: @thaumatrope. From their bio:

Thaumatrope is a twitter fiction magazine for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror fiction under 140 characters – edited by @nelilly (Nathan E. Lilly)

And it is BADASS. I love what they create with 140 characters. What’s that quote “brevity is the soul of wit”? They are creating complete stories and worlds in their short phrases, and I can only dream of being that creative.

Here Lawrence Lessig talks about the problems with Google’s book settlement. I will admit that I don’t really know what’s going on with Google and a book settlement, but this I do know: I like the cut of Lessig’s jibe, and I would like to subscribe to his newsletter. I agree with him that our copyright laws are ridiculous and terribly outdated, ESPECIALLY when it comes to digital content. Another great documentary about copyright, particularly in how it relates to music is Rip! A Remix Manifesto. I would HIGHLY encourage everyone to watch it; it’s fascinating.

Next is something NOT from @foresthouse; this comes from my very good friend Mariam: Volunteer to distribute free endangered species condoms, hilarity ensued:

Mariam: i mean, i get it, but… still. condoms with endangered animals on them?
me: But I wouldn’t say no to free condoms
Mariam: i mean, i’d want the condom with the polar bear, but a rock frog? no thanks!
Mariam: and a spotted owl? what am i telling my partner with these kinds of condoms? polar bear: you are ferocious! frog: i don’t have great expectations for you
Mariam: spotted owl: you annoy me with your sounds
me: I LOVE that you are worried about the statement you’re gonna make with the animal condoms
me: Rather than worried about your partner wondering why the fuck you have them in the first place
Mariam: it’s a very real concern!
Mariam: i want a condom with a bengal tiger on it.
so i can make “rawr” noises when i rip it open!
me: I…M…A…
Mariam: man. i REALLY want animal condoms now
me: Somehow, I feel a line was just crossed by bringing Up into it

We went on to come up with other funny animals to put on condoms (Giant panda! Humpback whale! Jackrabbit! For the teenagers! COUGAR CONDOMS FOR THE COUGARS! Hummingbirds! Howler monkey! Blue footed boobie! Woodpecker! Anaconda!). Good times. Apparently, we’re 12.

@elwhite found Unhappy Hipsters, which I adore. Even though I totally love some of the houses pictured.

Everyone should also check out Sleep Talkin’ Man, mild mannered British fellow by day; foul mouthed, rude British fellow by night. Also, listen to the audio. HILARIOUS.

SANTACON!!!! Now I REALLY wish I had followed them!