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I have just, as of this writing at 1.22 am, come home from an amazing concert. I don’t really go to a lot of concerts, partly because I’m too cheap for big shows, I’m too particular for small shows and partly because I never have anyone to go with. But there are a handful of bands for whom I will make the trek into the city by myself without complaint. Tonight was one of those nights. No, no one you’ve ever heard of, but two of my favorites, Micky and the Motorcars and Reckless Kelly.

You know how when you’re at a concert, and your favorite bands are playing your favorite songs, and the energy is really high and the vibe really great, and you’ve got a nice smooth buzz from the beers you just drank, and you’re making new friends with the girls standing next to you, and you’d like some random dude to hit on you despite the fact that you’re married (but they don’t) and, man it’s practically the best concert experience you’ve ever had? That was tonight. It was fucking magical, nearly. I want to experience the feelings and highs and rush and music that I felt tonight every day. Every damn day.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t last, that wonderful, magical feeling, but I know that this will be a night I look back on with gratitude and awe. Everything aligned tonight for just the absolute best possible show I could have hoped for. And not even the drunk-ass lady rubbing her fake boobs all over me could have ruined it.


I didn’t like this song until I saw it live and actually LISTENED to it. It’s beautiful and kind of melancholy, and I effing love Micky’s voice.

Come the light of day
I watch you take your things and go
And I can’t hardly sleep through the night anymore

Fun story: the lead guitarist (the lanky ginger to Micky’s right) totally wanted me. And had my mother not been with me, I probably TOTES would have been ALL OVER THAT. Fuck yeah.

It seems that every time I post a linkspam, I IMMEDIATELY start finding MORE COOL STUFF OMG. I love the internet sometimes.

Speaking of Christina Hendricks, here’s an oped piece about how awesome her character on Mad Men is and why I (or people in general, I suppose) want to do her. (This is totally an old post, but I only recently saw it) Sidenote: Toy With Me is a great site that has fun and interesting articles written by smart, witty women about sex.

You know, I’ve never had any great desire to live in a big city, and certainly not New York, but I suppose, if you twisted my arm enough, I could SOMEHOW find the will to live in this Townhouse in the Sky. (LOOK AT THE LIBRARY. SO MANY BOOKS.)

Dear Tim Gunn, thank you for being so awesome. Tim Gunn critiques superhero costumes.

I <3 RDJ Robert Downey Jr on Leno (the Letterman clip right after RDJ is HILARIOUS too)

NO EFFING WAY. Cross Canadian Ragweed in SF August 5 with Micky & the Motorcars!! This is awesome. I get CCR twice in one year PLUS Micky and the Motorcars. Someday, I’ll tell you about the time I almost slept with the lead guitarist.

Most importantly, my bestest best friend ever got married this past weekend, and lo it was awesome. We had so much fun, and everyone liked the feller. He’s was confident and social and talked to everyone there and could not have been sexier if he tried. As one of my friends put it, he wasn’t clingy and didn’t need me to “hold his hand” and that’s hot. There were a couple of VERY minor bumps, but overall? The weekend COULD NOT have gone better.