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Omg, you guys. Did you know working two part time jobs is exhausting? It is. It’s exhausting. I started a part time job back in December, as I may have mentioned and was juggling it with an on call job up until April, when I started a second part time job. Now, theoretically, I would be working 41 hours, six days a week. This is not totally ideal, but it’s also not that bad. In practice, I work much more than that. This past week, Sunday to Saturday, I worked 51 hours, over the course of seven days. Also, my one day off per week (that I don’t *always* get) is alternating Fridays and Sundays and always works out so that when I have Friday off, I work Saturday and then have Sunday off. So…I’m working a lot, is what I’m saying. Understandably, I haven’t had much time to write nor much to say that isn’t work stuff.

At any rate, besides working lots and lots, I’ve been keeping myself busy in other ways. I reached my Goodreads annual goal already. I purposely set it a little lower than what I did last year, thinking that with all the working I was going to be doing, I wouldn’t have as much time to read. HAHAHAHAHA. I’m not sure where I found the time, but I definitely did, and the average length of book I read this year versus last is less than 40 pages shorter than last year, so it’s not like I’m padding my numbers with picture books or shorty middle grade books.

I will say, though, for those of you who want to incorporate more reading into your life, the two things I do that I think have the most impact on how much read are: 1. Audiobooks for LIFE. and 2. Reading before bed every night. Also, I’m in a book club conglomerate (Bay Area Book Geeks, for the curious), and I try to read as many of the book club books as I’m interested in. And, I am happy to report, I have relaxed a little with the due date anxiety and am actually reading the books that I want to read, no matter when they are due back at the library! And I am making a more conscious effort to read the books that I buy. I still have a lot of books on my “To Be Read” book case (yes, an entire bookcase. It doesn’t even hold all of them.), but I am trying to read through them.

You know what I haven’t had time for recently? Knitting. Or rather, I’ve been feeling very BLAH about knitting lately. I have a feeling part of it relates to the amount of stupid baby knitting I’ve been doing, rather than the fun, for me only knitting. I’ve made some cute af stuffed animals and about a gagillion duck socks, and I think I’m getting a little burnt out on all baby knitting, all the time. Because, seriously, everyone I know is pregnant or recently had a baby.

Also, my size 4 cable needles met a somewhat tragic demise (surprisingly, shoes + knitting on the floor is not a good mix), and I haven’t had a chance to replace them, which I probably need to do before I can do some actual, super fun knitting. I’ve got some gorgeous mustard yellow yarn that I want to make a shawlette out of, something like this or this. I like the second one the best, but with more of the lace all over. Oh! And it doesn’t require size 4 needles! Maybe this is just what the doctor ordered to cure some knitting ennui.


GUYS GUYS GUYS. I’ve been SO BUSY, OMG. The fall semester of school just ended, THANK GOD, so I finally have the energy to come say hi. There’s been so much going on lately, you don’t even know.

So in September, I petted some llamas alpacas on National Alpaca Appreciate Day. They were very cute. I also bought some yummy yarn that I’ll some day knit into a really luxurious scarf for myself.
Feeding the Alpacas Adorable! Fuzzy! Baby Alpaca! Punk Rock Alpaca AlpacasMommy & Baby Alpaca Nomming Alpaca Spinning!

In October, Feller and I went to a pumpkin patch and did ALL THE ACTIVITIES they offered, except ride a pony because we are both over the weight limit. But we pet some chickens and a turkey and a goat and a guinea pig and a rabbit. And a duck. Who tried to bite Feller. We also rode on a hay ride and a train that was meant for little children, and we sat in a giant chair for pictures! It was very fun and helped lay the foundations for some friendshipping. Which is awesome.
Hayride! Giant Chair! Giant Chair Cuddles Haunted House Meetup Group The Pony We Didn't Ride The Turkey We Did Pet Feller Petting A Chicken Feller Petting A Goat The Duck That Tried To Bite Train Ride!

We have also had a few parties, and Feller cooked dinner for 10 people right before Thanksgiving. It was a resounding success, resulting in hangovers for everyone (I’m guessing, based on how many empties we had the next day).

I’ve started doing a buttload of volunteering to beef up my resume and gain some recent experience with people who are under 21. It’s been really fun! I’ve been doing some one on one reading tutoring with Reading Partners, homework help at the library, for which I’m now the volunteer in charge, and come January, I’ll be doing storytime at a preschool center in Oakland once a week. I’m so excited! And crazy busy! It’s been a real adjustment getting used to how many things I have going on right now, but I’m really enjoying all my extracurriculars. I’m also starting some sort of “Reading to Children” thing in San Jose. I’m not sure if they’re looking for an actual storytime like in Oakland or something a bit more casual. I guess I’ll find out at training!

This semester in school has been SO STRESSFUL. Last Spring I effed up a little, and I paid for it this semester. I was really, legitimately concerned that I wouldn’t be in school come this Spring, but THANKFULLY, everything worked out all right. I wasn’t kicked out of school, I got okay grades, and I received the kick in the rump that I need to stay on top of that stupid online discussion posts bullshit that I hate so very much. But which always screws my grade over, dammit.

Coincidentally, sort of, today is ALSO the first day of 2013. Since I was going to post this earlier (and forgot), I am hereby including my 2013 Get Shit Done’s

*One race a month. Not JUST 12 for the year, one a month. This will keep me running and on track for the THREE half marathons for which I’ve signed up.
*Finish my damn WIP’s. THIS IS THE YEAR for the Medallion Travel Bag. I got a couple other lingering WIP’s taken care of recently, and WHAT A RELIEF. Having projects on the needles for 5+ years is not only RIDICULOUS, it’s a fucking burden. That I DON’T WANT. Medallion Travel Bag, THIS IS YOUR YEAR.
*Ukulele mastery. This involves practicing more than once every two weeks. (BTW, I got a ukulele for my birthday.)
*Knit, knit, knit. Seriously, when I’m just sitting in front of the tv, I should have some knitting in my hands.
*Straight A’s in school. For reals this time, guys. This is my last year of my Master’s, and it’s time to go big or go home. No more fucking around for half the semester and then scrambling for a B. A’s all the way. Because it’s totally doable if I would just suck it up and write some dang discussion posts.

In completely different news, Feller and I (still married, still in love) are going on vacation and couldn’t be more excited. It’s HIGH TIME we had some free and easy relaxing time together. Life has been really stressful, and it shows. We’re both ready for a break.

This has been a lazy couple of weeks, clearly, as I’ve been mostly off the low carb diet since the night before our braai last Saturday, and now we have ANOTHER party to attend tomorrow. Well, I’m showing up with a salami and cheese plate in hand if only to keep my fingers out of as much of the other not low carb food as is going to be there. I’ll already be drinking up a storm and probably eating too many deserts, I don’t need to stuff pasta and chips in my face too.

This of course means a Costco run, which I hate but have, blessedly, been mostly excused from since I’m dating the most sainted man ever who doesn’t necessarily mind going to the store. However, I made the mistake last week of mentioning my willingness to hit Costco myself since I need kitty litter. I didn’t end up going last week, and now Feller is holding me to that promise of going alone. Apparently, he is also suffering from some shopping fatigue.

I also need to get myself and all our bags and bags of recyclables down to the recycling place because Trader Joe’s bags full of glass and plastic bottles and cans are taking over our kitchen a little. At least I’ll have a few dollars in my pocket for my trouble, but not nearly as much as I think I should be getting for how much saving the earth we’re doing.

On the upside, I have been quite diligent about getting my hiney to the library every day after work and finishing a module or two before heading home. It’s turning into quite the nice habit, and, at least for now, I’m still getting home before Feller so I can take care off my chores and just relax and enjoy spending time with him when he arrives.

Of course, I have been SLIGHTLY less diligent about some other things: the basket of clean, unfolded laundry sitting in the middle of our bedroom floor for example. I’ll probably fold it tonight, just in time for there to be MORE clean laundry to fold on Sunday.

Also, I continue to be INFINITELY thankful for the he cooks/I clean arrangement Feller and I have. I love not having to worry about feeding myself in the evenings. It’s the best ever, and I eat a lot less pizza because of it.

(As a preface, I’ve been a little … uninspired. I’ve got a couple of things I WANT to write about, but there’s some Shit Going Down soon that has me a bit pre-ocupado, and it’s been hard to sit myself down get some words out. Hopefully, I make some time this week-ish to write (and also knit), though realistically, there’s a good chance I’ll spend my spare time Kicking Ass and Taking Names in Radiant.)

ANYWAYS, I was just sitting here, reading some blog posts in Reader, as one does, when I got to the most recent post by the SJSU School of Library and Information Sciences: FALL 2011 SCHEDULES ARE AVAILABLE. Like, I KNEW I was starting school in the Fall, but now it’s REAL. I’M REALLY DOING THIS. AGAIN. And it’s a little terrifying.

I feel utterly unprepared for what’s to come and could easily lose most of the afternoon in a haze of not actually productive SJSU SLIS site browsing looking at courses and schedules and advisor names and transfer credits and figuring out how long this endeavor is going to take me if I take 6 credits per semester? How about 9? Can I get away with more than that? Will it take less time if they accept the 9 credits I earned at Pitt as transfer credits? Oh look! They have like A MILLION classes about resources and materials and literature for babies and kids and tweens and teens and HOLY CRAP. Should I take one of everything? Should I maybe only take one or two of those classes and maybe take some classes that might round out my education? Like what if I can’t get a job in a children’s department but the only classes I’ve ever taken are about working in a children’s department? I should take some other classes. But what? There’s so many OPTIONS and WORDS describing each class! Collection Management! That sounds useful! OO, and something about the Web! And Digital Librarianship! Yes! How many of these classes will I be ABLE to take? I should find out if they’ll accept my transfer credits. Is it too early? I should email the lady that they tell me to email. And a language class? Should I take Spanish that focuses on serving the community?

And this doesn’t even BEGIN to cover the worries I have about working and living and wondering if I can ACTUALLY do it and Getting a Job once I’m done. And next thing I know INFORMATION OVERLOAD BRAIN SHUTS DOWN, and I’m playing some more Radiant on my phone.

AAHH. This move is TAKING OVER MY LIFE. No joke, It is ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT: packing, meeting the gas man to get the gas turned on, meeting the cable guy to get the internet sorted, meeting the landlord to sign the contract and get the keys, going down to pay the deposit and get the water in my name, finding a washer and dryer and meeting the guy to get the set delivered and installed. Oh and I need to call him to see if he takes credit, otherwise, I’m going to have to scrounge up some cash for that. Oh, and I need to get some cash transferred from my ING account to help pay for the Home Depot dudes we’re gonna hire to move our shit. And if I don’t hear from the Uhaul guy by tomorrow, I need to call HIM to make sure we’re REALLY FOR REALS ready to go Saturday morning.

I PROMISE that I won’t be talking about this forever, so please just bear with me the next couple of days.

Right now, it’s like my life is divided into BEFORE the move and AFTER the move. And after the move is like this MAGICAL time when ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, and somehow I think I’ll be more inclined to do all the shit I don’t do now THEN. For instance after the move I will:
-start going to church regularly (even though church will now be EVEN FARTHER AWAY)
-start cooking more often
-start eating really healthily
-start exercising
-start a regular yoga practice
-pay off all my debts
-be more available to my pets and my plants (I haven’t actually SEEN any of my plants in about a week. I hope they aren’t dead.)
-have friends over more often
-have time to connect with the feller more (nevermind that we already spend 99% of our free time together; I told him I was looking forward to spending more time with him AFTER THE MOVE, which would be the hour and a half it usually takes me to drive to my apartment after work, pick up some clothes, feed the cats and drive to his place)
-manage my time better
-do all my homework in a timely manner (once I get back into school … next fall)
-buy a unicorn and shoot rainbows out my butt.

Something about this move just makes EVERYTHING seem possible, like I will be imbued with new habits and SOMEHOW not be the same girl I am right now, who still has to pack about half of her shit. But! AFTER THE MOVE! I will NO LONGER be Miss Procrastinator Putting It Off Pants, and you know, that’s definitely an ideal I would like to strive for, but I’m realistic enough to know that, really? I’m gonna end up like this. It’s gonna be six months before we unpack the very last box and have everything set up the way we like it. But today? AFTER THE MOVE, I’ll be a new getting shit done woman!