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This has been a lazy couple of weeks, clearly, as I’ve been mostly off the low carb diet since the night before our braai last Saturday, and now we have ANOTHER party to attend tomorrow. Well, I’m showing up with a salami and cheese plate in hand if only to keep my fingers out of as much of the other not low carb food as is going to be there. I’ll already be drinking up a storm and probably eating too many deserts, I don’t need to stuff pasta and chips in my face too.

This of course means a Costco run, which I hate but have, blessedly, been mostly excused from since I’m dating the most sainted man ever who doesn’t necessarily mind going to the store. However, I made the mistake last week of mentioning my willingness to hit Costco myself since I need kitty litter. I didn’t end up going last week, and now Feller is holding me to that promise of going alone. Apparently, he is also suffering from some shopping fatigue.

I also need to get myself and all our bags and bags of recyclables down to the recycling place because Trader Joe’s bags full of glass and plastic bottles and cans are taking over our kitchen a little. At least I’ll have a few dollars in my pocket for my trouble, but not nearly as much as I think I should be getting for how much saving the earth we’re doing.

On the upside, I have been quite diligent about getting my hiney to the library every day after work and finishing a module or two before heading home. It’s turning into quite the nice habit, and, at least for now, I’m still getting home before Feller so I can take care off my chores and just relax and enjoy spending time with him when he arrives.

Of course, I have been SLIGHTLY less diligent about some other things: the basket of clean, unfolded laundry sitting in the middle of our bedroom floor for example. I’ll probably fold it tonight, just in time for there to be MORE clean laundry to fold on Sunday.

Also, I continue to be INFINITELY thankful for the he cooks/I clean arrangement Feller and I have. I love not having to worry about feeding myself in the evenings. It’s the best ever, and I eat a lot less pizza because of it.


(As a preface, I’ve been a little … uninspired. I’ve got a couple of things I WANT to write about, but there’s some Shit Going Down soon that has me a bit pre-ocupado, and it’s been hard to sit myself down get some words out. Hopefully, I make some time this week-ish to write (and also knit), though realistically, there’s a good chance I’ll spend my spare time Kicking Ass and Taking Names in Radiant.)

ANYWAYS, I was just sitting here, reading some blog posts in Reader, as one does, when I got to the most recent post by the SJSU School of Library and Information Sciences: FALL 2011 SCHEDULES ARE AVAILABLE. Like, I KNEW I was starting school in the Fall, but now it’s REAL. I’M REALLY DOING THIS. AGAIN. And it’s a little terrifying.

I feel utterly unprepared for what’s to come and could easily lose most of the afternoon in a haze of not actually productive SJSU SLIS site browsing looking at courses and schedules and advisor names and transfer credits and figuring out how long this endeavor is going to take me if I take 6 credits per semester? How about 9? Can I get away with more than that? Will it take less time if they accept the 9 credits I earned at Pitt as transfer credits? Oh look! They have like A MILLION classes about resources and materials and literature for babies and kids and tweens and teens and HOLY CRAP. Should I take one of everything? Should I maybe only take one or two of those classes and maybe take some classes that might round out my education? Like what if I can’t get a job in a children’s department but the only classes I’ve ever taken are about working in a children’s department? I should take some other classes. But what? There’s so many OPTIONS and WORDS describing each class! Collection Management! That sounds useful! OO, and something about the Web! And Digital Librarianship! Yes! How many of these classes will I be ABLE to take? I should find out if they’ll accept my transfer credits. Is it too early? I should email the lady that they tell me to email. And a language class? Should I take Spanish that focuses on serving the community?

And this doesn’t even BEGIN to cover the worries I have about working and living and wondering if I can ACTUALLY do it and Getting a Job once I’m done. And next thing I know INFORMATION OVERLOAD BRAIN SHUTS DOWN, and I’m playing some more Radiant on my phone.

I went for a run in Mountain View the other day. That little city is ADORABLE. It’s covered in plants and flowers, and all of the houses have charm and character, even the cookie cutter subdivision houses. Or maybe all the growing things give them charm and character. There’s a great farmer’s market (and OH MY WOW, I TOTALLY should have bought WAAAAY more strawberries and cherries and peaches than I did because I SWEAR TO GOD, the farmer’s market produce is the best stuff I have ever put in my mouth EVER (maybe not ever ever)), and I found a little park during my run. It had a patch of grass, picnic benches, a jungle gym and a swing set. I may have paused during my run to swing. That totally counts as exercise, right?

While I was paused, I had the thought that THAT was the kind of place in which I want to raise my kids. Someplace beautiful and green with a great community and lots of stuff to do.

You know what’s weird? Whole milk. I don’t think I’ve ever had it before a couple of days ago, and … it’s weird. I’ve spent years drinking non fat milk, which is like the Keystone Light of milk. Not that it’s kind of disgusting or that it’s the only beverage you’ll find at a frat party, but in the way that there’s really not much going on besides a little color and a slight beer-y (milky) taste, so it really doesn’t taste much different than water. After only experiencing that, jumping to a Quality Beer or whole milk is a little jarring.

Going to my church small group always reminds me that I need to make the effort to do that more regularly. Now that school’s paused, I have NO EXCUSE not to go. I love those ladies SO MUCH, and they refresh my spirit. They help me regain the peace and joy that comes from Christ, and they remind me that I am blessed and loved and a daughter of God. And right now, I’ve got a lot in my life riding on Faith that I need those reminders, I need to get connected spiritually with God and great people who are going to uplift and encourage and believe with me in God’s plan for my life and an outpouring of blessings and favor. I’m SO blessed right now, but I know God’s got even bigger and better things in store. So, barring some extreme circumstance, I’m going to every Connect group and making an effort to get to church sometime on Sundays, maybe in the morning while the feller sleeps.

What the hell? I’ve gotten a bunch of Facebook friend requests the past few days from people I know and who have been on FB for awhile. What’s making them all think “You know who I need to friend? AMY.” Weird.