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I am so very thankful for my job. I love the company I work for. I know I have been amazingly blessed with opportunities. But sometimes, the tediousness, the same thing every day really gets to me, and I start to wish fervently for a vacation or variety or SOMETHING. I wish I didn’t have any responsibilities and could just get in my car and DRIVE AWAY. I wish I could leave work and school and this life I’m living behind and runaway.

This is brought to you by the redonkulous stack of shit I have to do at work and being behind on my homework.

Hey, have you guys tried this workout DVD? You totally should, if you’re into yoga/pilates. I did it last night because the gym’s yoga teacher didn’t show up. It was AWESOME. Not super hard, but pretty strenuous. A great workout without feeling like I kind of want to die. Hey! Look at me working out three days in a row! Whoo! I’m probably not going to do anything tonight because I’ve got a late assignment I have to do, but I might just to procrastinate a little bit more. We’ll see.

Or maybe I’ll bake some cupcakes.


I work for an amazing company. And it amazes me, even now, the way it worked out. In July 2008, I was working for Starbucks, and I was crushing HARD on one of my regulars. One day he pulled me to the side, and I was SURE he was going to ask me out. Instead, he asked me if I wanted a job. About a month and a half after I started, he was gone, but my new bosses liked me enough and believed in me enough to keep me around and make sure I got the training I needed to succeed and be happy. And things have pretty much only gotten better from there. God really had my back when he brought my SBux crush into my store.

Our president is an amazing, generous man, who loves God and his company and the people who work for him, and every year, he throws a really wonderful, lavish Christmas party for all of us. The company pays for all the employees and their families to spend the night in the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa, provides an amazing 4 course dinner and open bar(I wish I had taken pictures of the food!), and has drawings for really awesome prizes (a 12 mega pixel camera! a laptop! a Wii! a $5000 vacation!), plus a dj and games for the kids. It’s awesome, and this year’s party was amazing. I took my very good friend, Mariam, and we had a blast. We danced all night with the guys I work with and played on the beach and enjoyed the most amazingly beautiful Southern California day.

I love being a part of this company, and I love when we all get together for manager’s meetings or the Christmas party because at those times, I am reminded of how blessed I am. My company is awesome. When the president calls us a Brotherhood, you know he means it. He cares about his employees and has integrity in the work we do, and the company is SUCCESSFUL. In these crappy economic times, the president is still able to throw a huge party and give out crazy bonuses. God loves my president and has blessed the work he put his hands to, and the blessings trickle down (thank you, Reaganomics!) to everyone in the company.

And with my bonus, I’m being WILDLY consumeristic (is that a word? Firefox tells me it isn’t) and buying myself fancy electronics. Surround sound! Blu Ray! HDTV! I CAN’T WAIT MOVIES ARE GOING TO BE SO AWESOME. TERMINATOR IN HD! Can life get any better than that? I THINK NOT. Well, a man to appreciate my sweet setup would be better, but that’ll come. For now? As good as it gets. :)