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This is where I would have a really cute picture of me and my friend Lezopez, if I hadn’t lost my camera. But I promise, it was really adorable.

This weekend was AMAZING. I had such a great time, and I’m feeling way more prepared for … everything. I still have a lot to do and not enough time to do it, but … I feel good about it. And I think part of that is that I got to spend some time talking to one of my classmates about how she’s had a really difficult time in the program as well. The worst part, for me, of not doing so well, is that I pretty much operate in a school vacuum. I have no non-school related contact with any of my classmates, so it feels like I’m the only one who ever gets discouraged or falls behind, even if I know this is not true. So it was good to hear from someone else that this program is HARD, especially when you have to juggle working full time and classes.

In my spare time, I ate AMAZING food (OMG BEER CHEESE IN MA MOUTH), drank some booze, and had a great time with AWESOME friends, some of whom I met for the first time. I saw Alice in Wonderland, and it kind of kicked ass. Or at least the parts I saw did; I MAY HAVE passed out as soon as she fell down the rabbit hole and missed all the expositiony/explanatory stuff. OOPS.

I FUCKING LOVE Pittsburgh. I’m VERY GLAD I wasn’t there when it was snowing like crazy, but the weather COULD NOT have been nicer this weekend. All the college kids were out in their tank tops and shorts sunning on the lawn. Walking around that campus surrounded by students made me miss being an undergrad like crazy. Not the classes, but the parties, the boys, the tiny tank tops and/or sweatpants to class, the fewer responsibilities, the FUN. I miss the fun. I miss the time when I could still pretend to not be a grown up, when I could go to the mall or see a movie in the middle of the day on a Wednesday. It made me wish I was an on campus student with friends and a community surrounding me. It was awesome.

And then I did a stupid thing. Naturally. Actually, I did this stupid thing months ago, and bit me in the ass this weekend. Apparently, I was planning on leaving my car at the BART station for the weekend, but I ended up parking at the Oakland airport. Only to realize when printing my return boarding pass that I was flying into San Jose. AWESOME. Getting back to my car involved an adventure in public transportation (bus, light rail, bus, BART, bus, shuttle!), during which my camera disappeared. I keep hoping to magically find it somewhere in my messy car, but I think I might just break down and buy this one as a replacement (it’s RED!). But I am SO SAD about my loss, and my camera held some REALLY CUTE pictures of me and … friends and … stuff that I hadn’t had a chance to download. (Thankfully, the nekkid pictures had been deleted.) Oh well.

Somehow, I have found myself posting a lot about books, which I hadn’t expected when I started this blog. But I do love to read, and right now, it’s pretty much the only thing I do besides watching hours of Doctor Who and Torchwood in my sweatpants. Though I haven’t been doing much reading recently; I’ve started two books that are not really drawing me in, at least not the way Doctor Who does.

Anyway, two of the authors of my Top 5 Books of 2009 are going to be doing readings/signings/speakings in the Bay Area in the next couple of weeks. Yay! I’m actually totally stoked about this because the authors are Carrie Ryan and Malinda Lo, who wrote my ABSOLUTE two favorite books that I read in 2009. I’m SO EXCITED. AND!!! Carrie Ryan’s sequel to The Forest of Hands and Teeth comes out next Tuesday! So I can have a matching set of signed books by her! Which is totally cool, because I LOVED Forest of Hands and Teeth, and because the only other signed book I own is a crappy fantasy by Michael Stackpole, and I didn’t even get to meet him (nor did I read the book, but I guess I will someday because reading all the books I own is on my To-Do List).

AND! The books signings/readings/whatever can count as my new thing for March! Because I’ve never gone to an author thing before! Because authors don’t come to Tucson…I can’t imagine why. I definitely want to keep my eyeballs peeled for more things like this because if I have to live here, I’m going to enjoy all the shit we don’t get in Tucson, dammit!

I would also like to check out live music type stuff, but that’s so hit or miss. I don’t want to pay to go somewhere just to end up hating the music they have. I used to think I was very tolerant of all kinds of music, but then I started working at Starbucks and quickly discovered that there are LOTS of kinds of music I don’t like (holiday music! Kenny G! Sarah McLaughlin! Whatever other annoying shit SBux was playing that week!).

Gah, March is annoyingly busy for me. Thursday night, I’m flying into Ontario (California) for a work manager’s meeting, next weekend I have a couple of good friends staying with me, which should be lots of touristy exploring fun, the weekend after that I’m in Pittsburgh for school stuff (SIGH), and that doesn’t even factor in the school stuff I have going on. I would like a vacation, plzkthx.

But you know what? I won $80 playing poker Saturday night (I have mad skillz), so I’m gonna do a little retail therapy today. I need a new pair of boots for work/every day wear, and I might splurge and get some REALLY NICE ones (I’m desperate for these). I also need to pick up a new bra or two. Mine are getting old and worn, and it was pointed out to me this weekend that I probably need to go up a cup size. Which puts me at TRIPLE FUCKING D. Which is why I have such an issue finding bras. 34DDD, not a common size.

This pointed out to me today (I mean, I’ve heard about it before, but today was the first time it became Relevant to My Interests). If you scroll down, you’ll see a ranking of states by dick size. If you look, THERE at #5 is Arizona (a ranking I can happily corroborate) (and Phoenix comes in at #5 on the cities list too). Where is California? NUMBER TWELVE. I’VE BEEN DOWNGRADED. I am doomed to smaller dicks. Gone are the lovely, wonderful penises of yore. I shall add “please find me a big dick” to my list of what I pray for right before bed (along with Silverlight for my phone). SIGH.