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Bitch Media Advisory

OH, how I love Internet Drama. It is SUCH a delightful thing to watch people get all het up about something that’s taking place online. A lot of times, the Drama is over some stupid ass shit, like Snape Wives or Harmonians or something else equally ridiculous. But then sometimes, OH SOMETIMES, the drama is EVEN MORE WONDERFUL. Like that one time Marie Claire said fat people were gross. So imagine my delight when I came into work yesterday to find this post about Bitch Magazine’s list of 100 YA books that “every feminist should add to the stack of books on their bedside table”.

And THEN, a couple of days later, after a couple of negative comments about three of the books and “some emails”, Bitch REMOVED THREE OF THE BOOKS from the list! And replaced them with three DIFFERENT books, two of which, Howl’s Moving Castle and The Blue Sword, while being VERY GOOD books, are about a controversial as a kitten. Though now that I’ve said that I’ll surely see about ten different complaints about these books not being appropriate for young women. BUT! They are not TRIGGERING! Or about RAPE! So they’re SAFE TO INCLUDE!

And then the internet exploded.

Chasing Ray has a really good breakdown of who said what over in the comments thread at Bitch, though I will admit, reading the comments on that post yesterday was pretty much the highlight of my day. Oh God, seriously, some of the comments are SO WONDERFUL with the OUTRAGE! And DISAPPOINTMENT! And some with the BITCH WAS RIGHT! And dear sweet heaven, I TREASURE the comments thread.

And today, everyone who knows anything about books or YA literature has blog posts about how disappointing it is that Bitch didn’t stand by their choices and/or didn’t properly check out the books when they were compiling their list, because, OH YEAH, their staff didn’t necessary READ all of the books on the list. WHOOPS. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books has a really good write up about this whole kerfluffle, which is where I got the above advisory sticker. Scott Westerfeld, who wrote the Uglies series, has posted about why he’s upset and requested that his books be removed from the list. Margo Lanagan, who wrote Tender Morsels, one of the books removed from Bitch’s list, posted about why she feels her book was wrongly removed (because one commenter felt it “supported rape as vengeance … [and] is absolute crap on every possible level”). And here’s another great defense of Tender Morsels. And Karen Healey, another YA author (who I haven’t read, but will make a mental note that I need to), came up with her own list of Feminist YA literature based on books she has sitting on her shelves at home.

And beyond the DELICIOUS DRAMA, this issue kind of strikes a nerve with me. Like Maureen Johnson said on Bitch’s post, this is EXACTLY what happens when books are challenged. One person has a problem, one person thinks we should be “protecting” the youth from awful things that could hurt them, and NEXT THING YOU KNOW books are banned. They’re removed from shelves and lists and no one reads them and no one talks about them. No one learns from what these books offer. And Bitch may not have physically removed these books from the shelves of their lending library, but they MOST CERTAINLY made them inaccessible. Books no one knows about are books that no one reads, so removing these books from their list is tantamount to removing them from their shelves, and if it weren’t for the outrage raised by other authors, they might have gotten away it. But as one of the many blog posts I read today pointed out, book challenges in libraries DON’T happen publicly. If a library, a REAL library, had published this list, the one negative comment about Tender Morsels would have been a phone call to the library and could potentially have resulted in not only an edited version of the list, but in the book being taken off the shelves. Books challenges happen ALL THE TIME. And books are banned ALL THE TIME. Just look at ALA’s list of books challenged and/or banned in 2009/2010. And those are only the books that went through a formal challenging process! That doesn’t include ones that weren’t reported to the ALA or were just quietly taken off shelves.

It INFURIATES me that someone, ONE PERSON, thinks they know best for everyone else. Especially since quite a few abuse victims commented that, yes, these books are difficult, but also helpful for processing and healing from abuse, or that more triggering than the books is the judgment that someone else knows what’s best for them, judgment that rape shouldn’t be talked about. Look, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and it is Bitch’s prerogative to edit their list, but the way they did it was just SO SHADY and insulting to readers.

Not to mention, that thanks to this whole mess, I will be SURE to read the books removed from the list, starting with Tender Morsels, which is less than $7 on Amazon right now. Thanks to some gift card credit and the free trial of Amazon Prime, Tender Morsels is winging it’s way to me at the low LOW price of $2.87, and I know I’m not supposed to be spending money right now, but like I said on Twitter, at that price, it’s like God WANTS me buying it.


So I am going through a bit of the usual periodic work angst, which was brought on by an amazing two week break from work and stress and pms and dreading getting back to the regular grind of everything. And last night was better than today because, naturally, it wasn’t as bad as I had convinced myself it was. But that didn’t stop me from staying up all night reading wanted ads on Craigslist because this … just isn’t what I want to do.

And I KNOW everyone hates their jobs, and that I can’t expect to be satisfied all the time with what I do, but I’d like to be satisfied SOME of the time. And I don’t know if anything is going to pan out or if I want anything to pan out or if anything’s SUPPOSED to pan out, but I want to sort of stay more on top of keeping an eye on job postings that might be Relevant to my Interests. Because maybe, just maybe, if I’m doing something Relevant to my Interests, school will be a little easier, more … real maybe? More better. We’ll see. I’ve got almost a year before classes would start, if I even get in, and they just opened applications for next Fall, and I need to get on that.

And I’ve got Hawaii posts and pictures coming, but I need to snag my feller’s memory card because I didn’t pull my camera out once during our trip. My sad, lonely camera lived in the safe the entire time, so I have no pictures to share that haven’t already been posted to Twitter. So, you know, eventually.

I’ve been living in my apartment for about 10 months now. I’ve got everything arranged and organized and unpacked just the way I want it. It’s roomy, it’s cosy, it’s homey, it’s comfy, and most of all, it’s me: eclectic, organized disorganization, mismatched, ME. Also, it’s FULL. Packed. I have A LOT of stuff.

So naturally, I came home a couple of weeks ago to a note on my door that basically said “We know you’ve been living here awhile now, and you probably have your shit scattered all over and set up and you probably weren’t planning on rearranging or moving anything any time soon, especially since you’ve just rearranged your bedroom to take care of the bed hitting the shared wall with the neighbors issue, so we just wanted to let you know that in about a week and a half we’ll start upgrading your electrical wiring, so you have to COMPLETELY destroy any semblance of organization and decor you might have, and we’re not going to give you any assistance besides two bankers boxes in which approximately three of your possessions will fit. Also, your boyfriend is totally going to come down with the plague on the weekend that you could probably use a hand moving furniture. Have fun! Good luck.”

Now, the note might not have said that EXACTLY, but that’s pretty much all I saw when I read it. What the note DEFINITELY did NOT say was how long these people were going to be tromping through my home and disrupting my life. Now, look, I don’t really like strangers in my house for an extended period of time even when they’re invited guests, so I CERTAINLY don’t want unwanted strangers all up in my business, ESPECIALLY when they’re going to be there unattended. I can’t imagine why my apartment complex didn’t think this might be a pertinent bit of information! I’m just trusting God that the lady’s 3-5 day estimate was accurate and that I won’t have strange people in my home for any longer than that. In my lovely home that now looks like this.

I appreciate the apartment complex giving me the opportunity to re-experience the joy of putting my apartment together, but unpacking isn’t even fun the first time around.

This is LEGEN-wait for it-DARY. Esquire put together a slideshow of tips from Barney Stinson on how to pick up women.

Knitting Graffiti. For a few minutes, I thought about doing something like this myself, but then I realized that would require A LOT of work.

Mom’s voice is practically as good as a hug. This TOTALLY explains why, whenever I’m having a shitty ass day, ALL I WANT is my momma. And why it’s so frustrating that she NEVER answers the phone or returns a call. HMPH.

Fun with security questions. What kind of questions would you come up with if you could create your own security question?

Well, why not? Shark sleeping bag

How JLo’s ass changed the world.

Why don’t more designers make plus-sized bras? Seriously, this. It is pretty much the most frustrating thing IN THE ENTIRE WORLD to take my boobs bra shopping because NO ONE carries the right size of bra, and if I DO find something, most of the time, while it holds the girls up and looks good under clothes, you know what it isn’t? SEXY. Most bras for boobs my size are the bra equivalent of granny panties! Look, I want my bra to make my boobs look good under clothes. Most people only ever see me clothed, so it’s important for my boobs to make a good impression, but can I PLEASE JUST ONCE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD find a bra that fits right and doesn’t cover me from ribs to collar bone? And is maybe even made out of cute material? I have a hard time feeling sexy and fierce when my undergarments aren’t, and such full coverage bras really limit my wardrobe choices. I can’t wear any low cut tops and even some moderately cut tops don’t fully cover the bra! That’s THREE QUARTERS of the shirts that I own! So I either need CONSTANT VIGILANCE or turtlenecks! Neither is a good option! And if I can’t wear low cut tops, no one can appreciate my MAGNIFICENT cleavage! And if you know me, you know how strongly I feel about sharing my cleavage with the world. I’m like a freaking cleavage MISSIONARY. It’s like I’m doing the Lord’s Work, and IT SUFFERS because my bras aren’t sexy! In conclusion, dear Baby Jesus, please send me sexy, supportive undergarments, so I can continue sharing with the world that with which you have blessed me. (My frustration with bra shopping could explain why my panty drawer is overflowing.)

In lieu of anything of substance to say, I bring you cool stuffs I have found on the internet:

From Sephora’s blog: How bad do I want cute Japanese makeup? SO BAD. One of everything, please!

You know what else I want? Some new stripper shoes. Some of these shoes are just WEIRD, but mostly? I LOVE THEM, OMG. And I do need a pair of shoes for the Wedding. *waggly eyebrows of suggestion* (via @fuggirls)

Describe your dream library and win stuff! Mine involves floor to ceiling shelves on every wall, except for the giant window, big comfy chairs, plenty of good lighting and coffee. And maybe yarn. Library/knitting room. (via @neilhimself)

Look! Carrie Ryan is giving away books! Whoo free stuff!

Bugs covered in water! (via @amandapalmer; ignore her kind of douchey quip about Lady Gaga)

This is mostly how I’m feeling about life right now: BLEH. Remember how I want more than waiting for this to pass? I’m there; waiting for it all to pass. I worry about failing out of school, except I’m not doing the work to make sure I don’t. I have dreams for my life that I want NOW but I spend so much time fucking around, I don’t know if they’ll happen THEN. I’m kind of just frustrated.

ETA: This is how I felt when my grandmother friended me on FB. (Love you, G’ma!!) (via cleolinda)